Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis has recently grown in popularity as part of treating chronic conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, anorexia, PTSD, Neuropathic Pain and Multiple Sclerosis.

Medicinal cannabis can be legally prescribed once the required Commonwealth and/or state approvals have been given.

To find out if medicinal cannabis might be suitable for you, please speak to your doctor.

To find out whether you might be eligible, book an appointment by calling us on 03 97251866.

Please note that all Medicinal Cannabis Consultations attract private fees which are required to be prepaid to confirm appointment bookings. (Both telephone and face to face)


How It Works + Costs

Comprehensive Initial Consultation with your doctor via telephone OR face to face. The initial fee ranges from $200 to $250 and includes a comprehensive consultation with your GP or Nurse Practitioner including your medical history and suitability for alternative treatment.

If suitable, Doctor will apply for relevant approvals and a suitable treatment plan is created.

STEP 3: 
Receive a personalised treatment plan and prescription (product cost depends on prescription as there are different products).

Once payment has been processed for the product, product gets delivered to you from our dedicated pharmacy.

Once you have started the medication, a follow up appointment is scheduled to track progress and dosage.

Follow up consultations and repeat scripts attract private fees.