The Merrindale Wellness Programme

Have you ever wondered why despite all good intentions , you never seem to achieve your health goals? Year after year you make new years resolutions but year after year you fail to do what you set out to do. You know your problem is say excessive body weight . You know you need to eat less and exercise more You sign up for a gym membership, you consult a dietitian and within a few weeks into the year you have dropped off from the gym and you are back to  you old habits.


In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr Bruce Lipton , says “..neuroscience has established that the conscious mind runs the show, at best , only about 5 percent of the time.” Five per cent of the time!! We are consciously in charge of our actions only five percent of the time. He goes on further to say “ Since subconscious programs(habits) operate without the necessity of observation or control by the conscious mind, we are completely unaware that our subconscious minds are making our everyday decisions. Our lives are essentially a printout of our subconscious programs(habits), behaviours that were fundamentally acquired from others(our parents, family and community) before we were six years old!!!” 


It would make sense then, if you want to change anything in your life , say your weight ,to first study your family. Go back as many generations as possible. You might be surprised to note that what you have, started five generations ago. Next you need to research in depth on what might be causing the obesity in your family. If you dig enough you will find a common thread that explains why your family ifs fat. If you are clever enough to recruit your clan in your efforts , some of you  might succeed in losing weight and staying healthy.


All hope is not lost however . A study by MIT neuroscientists ,led by Professor Ann Graybiel , shows that there is still some conscious control of  which of our habits are turned on or off. “We’ve always thought — and I still do — that the value of a habit is you don’t have to think about it. It frees up your brain to do other things,” says Institute Professor Ann Graybiel, a member of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT. “However, it doesn’t free up all of it. There’s some piece of your cortex that’s still devoted to that control.”


This is a very important finding for those of us who have habits to break( and thats almost all of us!!). This means that we can consciously decide not to do a habitual action with a good chance of success. Accurate localisation of the cortical area responsible for the formation of habits might even allow surgical or chemical intervention in extremes cases such as when people have obsessive compulsive disorder .This doesn't mean that this makes breaking a habit easy .A habit is still a very powerful thing and will override conscious effort more often than not. It does however give us hope that changing a habit can be done given the right circumstances and motivation. This is where we can help.


We have doctors who have dedicated their lives to researching the science of the mind and can coach out of you current unhealthy situation into the kind of healthy situation that you desire. We can help you identify the subconscious programmes that are determining you actions and hence your results. With our coaching we have seen people  lose weight, regain self confidence , start new very satisfying new chapters in their lives.

We deal with a broad range of personal health issues and since everyone is different we can tailor programme to suit different individuals. We do not have a one programme fist all policy.

We have also been able to coach people having very challenging mental health,  social issues, work related stress, etc. 

If you feel you could do with a health coach, why not you and a group of friends book a weekend seminar (or book on your own and make friends with those who have booked with us) when we will show you as a small group in a private environment how to get your health on track .


Call our practice on 97251866 or click on the link below to register your interest. One on one coaching can also be arranged.